Our Mission: “To promptly produce quality abstracts in a positive work environment.”   
Utilize courthouse computer systems, books, general indices and tax assessment records to compile information pertaining to the chain of title for a specific property. Assemble all recorded documents, such as deeds, mortgages, oil and gas leases and rights of way that affect each tax parcel. Provide clients with a comprehensive history of the property within the scope of the client’s request through extensive research methods.   
OGTA title abstracts are cataloged in a digital index.
OGTA meets the client’s specific search requirements by tailoring our distinct search procedures.
OGTA headquarters are in Washington County, with satellite offices in Allegheny and Butler Counties.
OGTA clients are assured of competent, accurate and comprehensive quality abstracts with friendly, reliable customer service.
OGTA is able to accommodate your business needs with over 130 experienced abstractors.